Kuura fibre awarded green shirt in Canopy’s Hot Button Ranking

Metsä Group is developing a new wood-based textile fibre named Kuura. In parallel to developing the production technology and getting feedback from potential customers, also sustainability aspects of Kuura are being assessed. On top of the LCA (see news dated May 18, 2021), the Kuura team has also taken part in the CanopyStyle audit. The outcome of the CanopyStyle audit was revealed today as part of the publication of Canopy’s 2021 Hot Button Ranking.

“This was our first CanopyStyle audit. We knew that Metsä Group has very well-established systems for securing sustainable wood sourcing and documenting what has been done. It is important to see that our standards match the high standards of the CanopyStyle initiative, and I am especially proud that we were assessed as a Green Shirt company already in this first audit,” says Niklas von Weymarn, CEO of Metsä Group’s innovation company Metsä Spring.

The annual Hot Button Ranking is a leading tool used in the global textile and fashion industry to assess the sustainability of wood-based textile fibre supply chains. The Kuura textile fibre has now been awarded a ‘green shirt’ rating, the requirements of which are a risk-free, transparent supply chain and traceable raw materials. The ‘green shirt’ is the highest possible rating level.